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At Stella Luna Ristorante we take great pride and consideration in the storage of our fine wines. We understand that wine should be treated with care and regard for its perishable qualities. As a result, we have built the "Cantina". For centuries wine has been stored beneath the earth in order to preserve the quality and richness of this sacred food. The moist and cool temperatures present underground make conditions ideal for storing wine. Fortunately, modern air conditioning today makes it possible to maintain and provide "cellar conditions". The main source of potential harm to wine is rapid temperature change. The cardinal requirement of the storage of wine mandates that an even temperature be maintained. In our "Cantina", the wine is stored and maintained at temperatures between 55 degrees fahrenheit and 60 degrees fahrenheit.

Therefore, we feel confident that everything has been done to provide you, our customer, a wine that has been properly cellared and cared for. We also are proud to say that we are among a selected few in all of New York State that provide this wonderful feature to our valued customers.

Our father Diego once said, "The waters of the world divide us, but wine brings us all together..."

Sincerely Yours,
Antonio & Vincenzo AvanzatoWine List

Wine List